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compounds in new cairo

List of compounds in New Cairo

Those who have visited or have been a resident in Cairo, usually have information about the places where a new tourist should be headed. A relatively newer part of Cairo which is worth visiting is known as New Cairo. New Cairo is an area located on the eastern side of the desert. It covers an area of 30,000 hectares and is present at a distanced of 15 miles from the city of Maadi. The location of New Cairo was previously known as Helwan. New Cairo elevates in the range between 250 and 307 meters above the sea level.

Need for New Cairo:

Need for a new area was prompted by the fact that Cairo was getting insufferably over-populated. The government decided to react to this problem by introducing a new city in order to overcome the issue of overcrowd. The name of this self-contained city was named as El Quahira el Gideda in Arabic which means New Cairo. This area has been occupied by many foreign personnel as well as the locals belonging to the upper class. These people have moved out their families from the congested Cairo for a good reason. The city has been designed to accommodate 5 million inhabitants.

Area Description:

New Cairo is located in the vicinity of petrified area which is forest protected. Hence, it is of significance to the geologists. Because the city of New Cairo is free of congestion, it has relatively cooler weather by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. The land meant for New Cairo has been furnished with large neighborhoods which are gated for enhanced protection. Houses are built in a western style with swimming pools in their enormous courtyards. People in New Cairo enjoy fresh air because the atmosphere is clean. The piece of land occupied by New Cairo is raised hence, provides an extensive view of Cairo.

The city has been sub-divided into different sectors, the most famous of which include Arabella, Kattamiya Heights, and El Rehab City. Several new educational institutes have been accomplished in the area of New Cairo while others have just relocated their branches. New Cairo now consists of a variety of institutions like the British School, Future University, the German School and the American University. In the recent past, a police academy has also been moved in this area.

The location of New Cairo is suitable as it is adjoined by the famous Cairo Ring Road. Hence, making commutes much easier- e.g., the airport is 15 to 20 minutes away. The effectiveness in transportation has also provided easy access to the city of Maadi located at a distance of 20 minutes. The pyramids are 35 to 45 minutes away, and it takes 20 minutes to reach Nasr and Heliopolis. Ain el Shoukhna road, a modern highway leading towards the Red Sea resort, is located quite close to the New Cairo.

JW Marriott is the only hotel present in the area covered by New Cairo. However, different new hotels are all set to open up which includes the first Ikea Hotel of the Egypt.

A large number of factories have been opened up in this city including the Egyptian branch of Google headquartered in the premises of New Cairo. Google Egypt is currently said to be involved in a project related to energy initiatives in affiliation with the American University. In the fifth settlement of New Cairo, an electrical company named El Sewedy has established its headquarters.

The city of New Cairo is in contact with the nearby areas with the help of an extensive network of transport which includes taxis and bus lines. However, the city still lacks the facility of a metro service. The drinking water is supplied to the residents of New Cairo from the water plant situated in a nearby city known as Obour. In the section named as Katameya, different sports facilities are being offered which include a tennis ground and a golf course. A Cairo Festival City is located near the entrance area of the New Cairo. It is a real estate covering the area of 700 acres and consists of different gardens, pools, parks, shopping malls, business offices, and even a dancing foundation.

Several mosques are situated in New Cairo in addition to a church known as the Virgin Mary and St, Bishoy Coptic Church. A Coptic monastery is also located in this area which is named as the Patmos Monastery of St. John the Beloved. The construction of a new Coptic Orthodox church has also begun in New Cairo after getting approval from the Egyptian government in September 2016.

Compounds of New Cairo:

The city of New Cairo has been developing lately, and a large number of communities, as well as new compounds, are being introduced into the area. In order to move to the New Cairo, it is advised to have essential knowledge about the different compounds of the city. These compounds vary from one another regarding safety, location, property value, the reputation of the developer, facilities, and the maintenance. These compounds can be an excellent option for those searching a new home, apartment or just a plain land area. Some of the top compounds are:


Built by the Emaar group, Mivida depicts the finest illustration of compounds with urban and sub-urban properties. The area is filled with 33 acres lush green park providing a quiet lifestyle. This compound has the facility of business parks, luxury hotels, astonishing shopping malls and a wide array of health opportunities. Those willing to settle in New Cairo district must keep this compound in their options.

Mivida New Cairo

Palm Hills October:

Palm Hills October is a haven for people attracted to European style living. Step up in this luxuriously designed compound to feel the smoothness of green gardens, trees, and mind blowing ponds. Palm Hills October can be the best example of a mashup between different lifestyles and amenities. With its 27 holds internationally acclaimed golf course, this compound features a total area of 4 million squares meters offering villas, town, and houses. In short, this compound is unruffled, well maintained and a worry-free zone.


Allegria is a peaceful society allowing a person to enjoy the calmness of nature and appreciate its beauty. It makes a person feel like living millions of miles away while residing in the perfect location. The sector is located right adjacent to the British International School. The town has been designed by top designers and world famous architects. Allegria offers an escape to the people who are tired of living in the congested areas of Egypt. The sector is full of different homes with a modern look and a sleek finish. Residing in allegria ensures high standards of living among people.

New Giza:

New Giza is among those very few compounds which offer the scenic view of pyramids of Giza. This 1500 acre plot has different levels of heights providing its residents an environment of life in the hills. Located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, this unrivaled compound has exclusive apartments, duplexes, villas, mansions and even cliff-side residences located 70m above the desert road.This compound is one of the biggest projects with still four other spectacular projects in construction. These projects include District one, Carnel Park, Ivory Hill and the Groove.

Katameya Heights:

Katameya Heights- On of the most established compounds in this whole list boasts one of the most impressive golf resorts, clubhouses, villas and European houses. Located in the 5th district, New Cairo, this compound can give some astounding pleasures if you are a fan of residences. The apartments offer an array of residential services with a breathtaking view of golf courses as you can sit by the pool and enjoy your wine.

El Patio Zahraa:

If you have not stopped praising the incredible La Vista Compounds yet, you must stop now. The creators of La Vista, Ein El Sokhna, and Sahel Coasts have come up with another project- El Patio Zahraa. These compounds have two separate parts: El Patio and Zahraa. El Patio can mesmerize you with its startling exquisiteness and rank, whereas Zahraa, acting as a show stopper on ramp walk, will give you goosebumps with its ideal location and tremendously stunning apartments. The site of this compound is the Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo where it neighbors Al-Ahly City, Smart Village, and even Designopolis! 8% of the land has been put up to use out of a total area of 76 acres. The rest of the area is designated for vast areas of greenery and open spaces for the residents. With its construction started in 2016, this place can be the ideal location for investors.

Hyde Park New Cairo:

Only 5kms from the American University of Cairo, Hyde Park, can be mentioned as being located in one of the best desirable and exclusive locations. The community is gated on all sides with some few guarded entrances. Crystal lakes and wide gardens can be found almost everywhere, giving people a complete peace of mind and privacy. The compound entertains its residents with apartments, Twin houses and even stand alone villas. The most widely appreciated facilities include sporting clubs, clubhouses, medical centers and Hyde Park of over 141 acres.

Oriana Villas:

Oriana Villas is a famous section of the New Cairo city which is considered to be an area full of luxury and great villas. The Cairo Festival City has allowed the people to get settled in one of the deluxe villas by constructing this compound. Oriana Villas consist of several hotels and a business district of its own. The society guarantees tight security which has been reassured by building a boundary around Oriana Villas with a gate. Oriana Villas is huge and has 300 different grand houses to offer its customers. The villas in Oriana Villas are divided into three sets according to their construction styles and interior decorations. These types include classic villas, contemporary deluxe houses, and the modern homes. The area covered by these villas range from 450 meters per square to 1100 meters per square. ORiana society also comes with several glorious apartments for people who do not wish to own villas. Hence, different ranges of lifestyles are offered to singles, professionals, and families in Oriana Villas. The roads are properly made and are embellished with light poles to assure adequate lighting on the streets according to the international standards.


Eastown is included in the New Cairo Compound List and is spread across an area of 860,000 square meters. The developers of this sector are hopeful for this own to sustain a greener and beautiful life in the premises of New Cairo. Elegance is the key to the success of this town. The fundamental purpose of establishing this sector is to merge the working and living aspect of conventional life. This would make life a lot easier for the people residing in the Eastown who would be able to rely entirely on this small town. The town is located at a slight distance from the main road. Eastown has been further categorized into two sections which are the commercial and the residential areas. The town is versatile- it is ready to entertain people belonging to different lifestyles by offering them with modest houses, duplexes, and apartments. Eastown has been regarded as one of the top compounds of New Cairo.

Katameya Heights:

Katameya Heights can undoubtedly be regarded as the most well-established and important compound in New Cairo. The complex consists of luxury mansions and houses to improve the standard of living. Katameya Heights also consists of different facilities like a clubhouse and golf courses. It is situated in the 5th District and consists of luxurious apartments in addition to houses.

Al Rabwa Compound:

Al-Rabwa Compound is located adjacent to the city of El Patio Zahraa. This neighborhood is renowned for its serenity and peaceful environment. It is situated miles away from the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. The society covers an area of 505 acres and offers 970 villas to its residents. These villas are built in 12 different designs, and the people have an option to choose whichever type they prefer. Generally speaking, Al Rabwa Compound offers the residents space, comfort, and peace of mind in addition to a healthy community away from the hectic urban life.