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New Cairo is categorized amongst the newly built cities in and around Cairo to help reduce the pressure on the Egyptian capital, this was due to the Presidential decree number 191 in the year 2000. The city covers an area of about 70,000 acres of the southeastern edge of the Cairo Governorate whose distance draws closer to the Maadi. New Cairo is located between Heliopolis and Maadi, and also ranges an elevation between 820 and 1007 ft above sea level.

This great new city has the capacity to accommodate about 5 million people according to the estimations made, which means that new homes and apartments are ready for rent and sale. As we will soon see, apartments for sale in New Cairo are luxurious and comfortable but most importantly the environment also has the following to offer:

1. Calm and Cool Weather: Thanks to the elevation and low congestion of New Cairo, residents get to enjoy a cooler atmosphere which is about 5 degrees Celsius lower than that of Cairo the capital city.

2. An Industrial environment: Major companies and industries have their headquarters located in New Cairo. Examples include Google Egypt and El Sewedy Electric. This could mean better employment opportunities and tourist locations for old and new residents. A large network of bus lines connects the city to other cities but there are no metro stations; it also gets it water supply from the Obour City water plant close by.

3. The Championship golf course located in the Katameya section of New Cairo, equipped with a tennis court and other side attractions is an excellent recreational spot for relaxation and sports.

New Cairo also boasts of schools such as the British International College, American international School, Modern Education School (MES), etc. Universities such as Future University, German University, American University and lots more are also located there.

Apartments for sale in New Cairo ranges from luxurious compound apartments to high profile Duplex buildings, located in serene environments like El Shorouk, El Narges, and El banafsag. Most apartment owners allow for installment payments depending on the allowed time; local Egyptian currency is mostly utilized but other foreign acceptable foreign currencies could also be a means of exchange.

El Shorouk and other above-mentioned environments boast of some of the best apartments in New Cairo available at some really good prices. The environment is top class and offers some of the best spots in terms of relaxation, recreations, education, hospital buildings and lots more. El Shorouk amongst other great environments in the New Cairo district is the first community to be developed from as far back as 1995 and has also helped real estate businesses to blossom into multi-million businesses today due is serene nature and in-flow of people daily. The community like every other high profile community in New Cairo have the potentials to become residential destinations for the foreseeable future; this means also that real estate is going to a major selling point in this new growing and vibrant city.

Taking advantage of the opportunities of this new city could well transform into a gold mine in the future as the environment promises to be an attraction for people and residential relocation for a long period of time.