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Maadi is a beautiful prosperous suburb located on the bank of River Nile to the South of the city center of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Maadi is quite thinly populated as compared to the other cities in Greater Cairo, but it is distinguished as consisting large villas and low-rise apartments inhabited by affluent Egyptians and emigrants. Maadi is a home to many shopping centers, restaurants and eating joints, schools, embassies, not to miss the high-end apartments. Although one might have the impression that Maadi, being in a desert area, might be too dry, it is uniquely filled with trees and flowers, and some properties are known to have real grass lawns.

Arabic is the dominant language of Maadi. English is also spoken frequently by the Egyptians. Though Maadi is populated by a large expatriate population, there are as many sushi restaurants along with the Egyptian ones. However, the cost of living is comparatively cheaper here as compared to other countries as goods produced in Egypt itself are quite inexpensive. In terms of supermarkets, one can go shopping at Kimo, Metro, Miriam, Seoudi or the Alpha that have adequate parking along with being well stocked. Shopping for fruits and vegetables on the sidewalk is very cheap, yet fresh and good.

Carrefour is the main anchor store in Maadi’s City Center with outlets of all the foreign brands like Guess, Mothercare, Mango, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Charles & Keith and Adidas. You just have to name it and it is there. The City Center has a large amusement center to keep the children amused while you shop.

Rumors of the unsettled political situation in Maadi should not deter one if you plan to make Maadi your home because Egypt is not what you read about in the papers. The weather in Cairo, on the whole, is great with sunshine throughout the year but the dust from the Sahara Desert can make the city a little dusty.

There are many lucrative reasons for buying property in Egypt like the low cost of property, low property tax, and no capital gains tax. Despite the economic and political struggle, the property market has always been very strong with the prices of houses and rents rising over the last few years. The realtors offer apartments for sale in Maadi with nearby amenities like Schools, Hospitals, Mosques, Shopping malls, Restaurants, and many more.

Apartment hunting in Maadi can be quite a daunting experience with the realtor showing you a large number of apartments for sale in Maadi. You just have to specify your priorities to the realtor in order to make your search easier. In case your requirement is for a bigger flat or one with a balcony or some outdoor space, you may need to communicate clearly to the realtor so that he can get the right feeling about what you require exactly.

Settling in Maadi might seem to be a challenging experience in the beginning, but there is just no reason you shall have to regret your decision to move here.